Calling All Cat Lovers

Calling all cat lovers. Please help us find homes for these precious animals currently living in a colony in Kershaw County, South Carolina. Keep reading below to see the amazing animals ready to give you love.  All adoptions do require an interview.  Use the contact form below to inquire about an adoption or with any other questions.

If you do not wish to adopt but want to help us with spay/neuter, food, and vet visit fees, thank you for your donation.   You will have the opportunity to sponsor a particular cat during your donation process. Thank you for your help. We have tried to get the area shelters to work with us but the costs for all of these cats is out of our reach.  Food alone is quite a financial hit.  PLEASE HELP, without assistance, this colony could easily produce forty more kittens next year.

Update 4/29/20 - we had to cancel our last spay/neuter appointment due to pandemic, and hope to get the rest of the colony taken care of soon. There were only three left -- Until the three new males moved in.    Fingers crossed we get no more kittens in the meantime.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact.


Bingo is a lost pet -- followed me home on a walk, like a puppy!  He arrived with two collars and has moved right in.  Prefers to be inside, but likes to join me on my daily walks.  Very playful.  No response to community inquiries or postings on pawboost.  Please circulate and help us find Bingo's parents!

Male - not sure if neutered.  Could be...or could be nondescending. If I had to guess I would say NOT.  Only signs of aggression (growling, not physical) are towards other unneutered males (Cooter and Bubba, see below)

Found in Kershaw County, South Carolina. Use the contact form below for additional inquiries.


Ginger - Desperate Need of Medical Attention

UPDATE 4/29/20 -- Ginger disappeared for awhile and we feared the worst, but she returned yesterday.  She is still in desperate need of care and we are attempting to find a medical solution for her.  While she appears to be agile and in no pain, in addition to her eye trauma, her back left leg now looks paralyzed.

Very sweet disposition when hungry, but does not allow me to pick her up.  Needs to be trapped.  We are working on a solution for her.  If you can help, please reach out!



Cooter is a male that showed up with a terrible injury to his back leg.  With just a little work I was able to befriend him, and over two months managed to get him back to 100% use. Based on his behavior, pretty certain he was a pet at sometime.

04/29/20 COOTER NEEDS A HOME -- He is not neutered and currently at odds with another male moving into the territory.  He appears with new wounds every day.  He is elusive and smart and will need to be trapped.  Despite the injuries he receives, he appears to be only slightly aggressive towards other males that have not been neutered males. With a little love and care he would make an excellent pet.



Bubba is a male that showed up and cannot stay -- he is a bully and disrupting the balance.  He is talkative and not afraid of humans --  but the entire colony is afraid of him, and I don't trust him either.  He comes close for feeding, but would need to be trapped.  He is not neutered and appears to have a neck injury. I have been unable to get close enough to assist. He appears to want inside, until he realizes I am not his human.   ARE YOU HIS HUMAN??  Please come take him home.  I'm sure he is very sweet when not trying to take over a kingdom.

Found in Kershaw County.



Meet the Great Momma Kitty

This particular cat is a sweetheart, although elusive when it comes to trapping.  She is lovable and demands attention, but seems to know when I am conducting active trapping.  Therefore our funds and energy have been directed towards her offspring.  This page is dedicated to finding homes for these cats.  While we have been able to get many of them spayed/neutered, the ones that fall through the cracks have managed to provide us with a few litters.  We can't keep up and need your help.

Please consider adopting this beautiful animal or one of her offspring.

4/29/20 - This Cat still needs a forever home.  She is friendly and beginning to appreciate indoor visits.  She has not yet been trapped and spayed.

Mamma #2 - Little Beauty

Little Beauty needs a home and needs to be spayed before another litter comes into the picture!  

Little Beauty was a kitten born in the area and evaded me until she became pregnant.  After her kittens were born, she literally moved them to my back door and asked for help.   Since that time she has become very friendly and loves attention.   She would be grateful for a permanent home.  If that is prepared to be adored.

She and her five kittens need to find a home.  If you are interested, please contact me.  The kittens have been handled daily and are very friendly.  They would be a perfect edition to any family.

Frankie - Neutered & Adopted

Einstein - Spayed - Still Needs a Home!

Annette - Spayed but still needs a home. Very affectionate and a bit bossy!

Cleo - spayed - 🙁 hit by a car. Save one of the others from the same fate.

Sheeba - deceased 🙁 reason unknown


Update 4/29/20 - Princess still needs a forever home.  While her foster family would miss her, she would be thrilled to be the center of someone's attention.

Princess is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.  She has been spayed and the only one left from her litter that hasn't been adopted.  She's happy living in the woods, but would love to find a permanent home to share her love. She is not aggressive towards other cats, but appears to be a loner.  When other cats come close to her, she gives a chatter warning like a squirrel.  Honestly, it's adorable.