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Yvonne DeBandi a leading developer and innovator in the world of 3D Web Design and “Walk-In-Websites.”  We could tell you all about it, but it will make a lot more sense if you just check it out.  Walk around the multi-world environment (arrow keys, wasd, or click buttons on the Navigation Hud).  Menu on left has a teleport directory.  Go Exploring! 3DWebWorldz Avatar: Evie_Marie

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Yvonne DeBandi, Evie Marie, SingerGirl - AuthorYvonne DeBandi, Author

Yvonne DeBandi is an author, creative artist and teacher…when she is not being a complete geek, that is.  Until 2015, her passion for writing was kept in the closet, but she has now been releasing a new novel every year, with many more already in the works.  Immerse yourself in her characters and tales that will steal your heart, make you sit on the edge of your seat, and even shed the occasional tear or two.  While the topic matters of the available works are very different and unique, they have one common thread: they are all inspiring!

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Yvonne DeBandi, Evie Marie, SingerGirl - Professional SingerYvonne DeBandi / Evie Marie / Singer

SingerGirl Evie Marie has a passion for music and is here to entertain. With a song list of 400 songs of every style (Jazz, Country, Disco, Funk, R&B, and Classic Rock’n Roll), she makes every show about YOU and what YOU want to hear. Singing professionally since 1991, Evie Marie has lived on many a stage.  Currently she performs online regularly, using live streams to entertain fans around the world, on both SecondLife.com, the Hypergrid.  and now on Web-Worldz.

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Yvonne DeBandi, Evie Marie, SingerGirl - Web Designer, PHP, MySql, Javascript ProgrammerYvonne DeBandi, Web Programmer

Don’t settle for something that “almost works” or something you can “live with.”  When it comes to web site design and strategy, you can have exactly what you want and need. Whether you need a Corporate Solution, Small Business Strategy or Personal Website created to launch your dream, we can help make your life on the world wide web easy. Custom solutions with PHP, MySql and Javascript too.

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Yvonne DeBandi, Evie Marie, SingerGirl - Virtual World Builder, Inspiration Island, OpenSim.LifeYvonne DeBandi, Virtual World Builder

Inspiration Island on OpenSim.life is designed to live up to its name. On the island you will find live music venues, an art gallery, a music school, a drive-in, a gameroom, a library for writers, you will even find a diner where you can learn all about recipes, cooking advice and designed to cook at home and eat with friends from around the world…all from your home computer.

With a focus on education and reaching for the stars, Inspiration Island continues to expand with new ideas. If you have never ventured into a virtual world, we invite you to join us.  We are friendly, helpful and drama free.  You can join us by clicking the link below.  If you have no idea what a virtual world is or what to expect, scroll up to Web-Worldz >> Enter and click the Education link from the teleport menu, we have provided a Virtual World Training Center.  You will get an idea of what you are missing along with step-by-step instructions.  See you there!

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Yvonne DeBandi, Evie Marie, SingerGirl - Vocal Coach, Singing TeacherYvonne DeBandi, Teacher

Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi has been training singers for thirty years. After graduating from the esteemed Florida State University School of Music she created an easy-to-use, step-by-step method now used around the world by teaachers & singers of all ages/levels.

Using the Ten Steps to Singing Success™ Technique, singers learn the foundation skills required to build a strong, quality singing voice that can not only sing for hours, but every day of the week without losing their voice.  Knowledge is power.  The tips, tricks and secrets that are learned in the SingSmart™ courses provide information that many never get in private or class lessons…situations that spend far more time actually singing, not studying.  Simple fact, you can’t practice or perform what you don’t know.

The SingSmart Method is very simple.  Observe what you hear and feel, Identify the challenges, Adjust your actions based the techniques you have learned within your current skill level.

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Yvonne DeBandi, Evie Marie, SingerGirl - ArtistYvonne DeBandi / Evie Marie, Artist

Evie works as a commercial artist when time allows, and also draws and paints for pleasure.  Visit this link to literally walk around a 3D Gallery.  No log in or credentials of any kind required.

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    Evie Marie, Cat Lover

Evie Marie is an animal lover and has a knack with befriending feral cats.  Help her adopt out these now-friendly furry felines!

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