Sing Smart, Not Hard™

Evie Marie, aka Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi is creator of the SingSmart, Not Hard Vocal™ Training Method.

The SingSmart™ Technique involves learning how to treat your voice like an instrument, fine tuning different skills involved to find the voice inside you.  We are all born with a voice, SingSMART, Not Hard can teach you how to use it, in the privacy of your own home.

Learn more at http://SingSmart.com

A2Z Sing Smart Music Online Academy

The A2Z Smart Music Academy provides online training and downloads of the different  SingSmart training programs.

For those that want to learn everything about singing, become a registered student of the A2Z Smart Music Academy and get access to ALL of the available technique training tools.   WARNING:  You will get far more than you pay for.  Take a moment to examine the menu structure and console before navigating the online hallways.

The Academy includes training curricula, karaoke vocal exercises, midi-based exercise system, library of valuable resources and much more.

Learn How to Sing at A2Z Smart Music Academy

Singing Is Easy - Download or Book

Very popular Learn How to Sing training program separated into 10 Easy Steps.  Available as a book, online software and immediately download.

Learn How to Sing with Singing is Easy

You Can Sing with Impact - Download and Book

The You Can Sing with Impact is an awesome vocal exercise workout program that also includes instructional training.  It is audio based with a guidebook, if you don't want to use the book or software, simply listen to the audio tracks.  

Learn How to Sing with Impact at You can Sing with Impact

Affordable Singing Lessons - Download or Book

Originally created for homeschoolers and elementary school teachers, this little program has been a best seller among all ages since its release.

Use the guidebook to quickly learn the basic facts about your singing voice and then put them to action with the Fast and Funky Vocal Warmup Exercise - 8.5 Minutes of Fun.

The guidebook also includes a quick lesson on how to read music.

Affordable Singing Lessons is available as an online software (2 skins), immediate download and book/cd set.

Learn How to Sing with Affordable Singing Lessons.

Free Singing Lessons from A2Z

Free Singing Lesson from A2Z, by Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi.  Bookmark the site and visit often or sign up for automatic email delivery.

Learn more here:  Free Singing Lessons

Free Singing Tips from A2Z

Free Singing Tips from A2Z.  Bookmark the site and visit often or sign up for automatic email delivery.

Learn more here:  Free Singing Tips

Vocal Coach & Singing Teacher Directory

Find a singing teacher or vocal coach in your local area.

Learn more here:  Vocal Coach Directory

SingerCity Superstore

Find resources for singers and other musicians at SingerCity.com