Evie Marie creates using many different mediums.  Scroll below to get an overview or visit the dedicated website:

Sketches & More

Evie Art is a combination of B/W Sketches, Paintings and hand-crafted art.  Check out the original art greeting cards - color or paint them to add a personal touch!

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Comic Illustration

Evie works with Jamie Jordan, comedian and motivational speaker, by providing illustrations for his inspirational blog.

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3D Building

Inspiration Island is a 3D Virtual World that combines 3D building, artistic creations and teaching/learning opportunities.

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Virtual World Art

3D Art is available within Virtual Worlds.  Evie Art provides not only artistic builds, but often combines music with the items.  

See the art builds for sale on Kitely Marketplace here.

Improve your own ART SKILLS!

Learn to Draw Charicatures

Learn to Draw People Video

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